The Cochlea series represent tiny jewel-like sea snail shells recovered 
from the Welsh coastline. Each is painted one hundred times their 
original size. These insignificant creatures spend their lives clinging to 
black rocks in freezing waters mostly hidden from view. Yet, their shells 
are rich in colour and variety for seemingly little or no purpose. Their 
portraiture on this grand scale elevates them from miserable molluscs to 
creatures of iconic stature. This is supported by their symbolic 
importance - representing the Resurrection, fertility and the womb.

Cochlea1 (36in x 36in) acrylic on canvas on board
Cochlea 1 (snapshot in studio)
Cochlea 2 (snapshot in studio)
Cochlea 3 (snapshot in studio)
Cochlea 4 (snaphot in studio)
Cochlea 5 (snapshot in studio)


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